Trial B — Week 4

12 — Pacentro x Ussita (239Km)

We left Pacentro towards the Monte Sibillini area. We had a kind of a hard time finding a place with electricity and decent mobile data connectivity to carry on the workweek.

In the end, we managed to find a spot and here is the place we staying in Ussita.

13 — Ussita x Castiglione del Lago (141Km)

We choose this place to stay the night in order to travel more than 400Km in a day that can be hard. In the end, the city is lovely and we spent the night and half of the next day before moving to the last step of our trip back home

This is the place we stayed in Casteglione del Lago

14— Castiglione del Lago x Milano (420Km)

No much to say here, it was just the last step towards home.

The camper will stay parked for the next 2 weeks while preparing to Trial C!


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