Trial B — Week 1

1 — Milano x Caserta (748Km)

On the first day, we decided to go south as much as we could. Starting fresh and excited with the trip can be a motivation. So on the first day, we did 748 Km that was not an easy task (Considering that we are in 4. 3 humans + a dog)

In Caserta we found a place just to do the night as the next day we’d like to know Naples.

This is a place we stayed in Caserta.

2 — Caserta x Naples (40Km)

Caserta is a place quite close to Naples and we moved there early in the morning. We found a place to park the camper not in Naples itself but in the area.

We reached Naples by train. There was a train station 10 minutes walking from the place we parked and 10 minutes on the train we were on Porta Garabaldi that is pretty much in the center.

This is the place we stayed in Naples

3 — Naples x Lago Sirino(197Km)

After the weekend in Naples, we head to Lago Sirino that is a nice relaxing place. There is a nice structure for campers for free (you pay only for the electricity). Here we spent the week working remotely.

This was the first working experience remotely on this trip that worked very smoothly. We managed to handle everything with a mobile phone and a Wind mobile data plan.

This is the place we stayed in Lago Sirino

4 — Lago Sirino — S. Donato Ninea(103Km)

For the weekend we headed to San Donato Di Ninea that is a small city that we’d like to know.

We saw some news on the internet where they said about a project that the city would grant some money for people to live there and people were moving out. So we went there to check the city and a bit about the project.

As it is a small city and not super into a tourism route, people were curious about what we were doing there and they were really welcoming 🤗

For the night we went to Piano Lanzo that is up in the mountains.

This is the place we stayed in Piano Lanzo


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