Trial B — Week 2

5 — S. Donato Ninea x Palermo (471Km)

We moved to Palermo during the weekend. As it was Ferragosto the city was a bit busy and to spend the week we decided to go to a more relaxed place but in the area so went to Santa Flavia.

This is the place we stayed in Palermo

And this is the place we stayed in Santa Flavia

6— Palermo x Noto(274Km)

Thanks to a friend that shared many tips about Sicily we come to know about this city called Noto, a beautiful Byzantine city.

Crossing Sicily was not that easy. As you can still see on the map there are some blocked parts in the road. We reach a place that our camper was not able to go to, so spent the night on the road. The next day we got information in a gas station and the guys taught us the workaround the trucks were doing so we did the same.

This is the place we stayed in Noto, a super particular parking place in the middle of lemon trees.

7— Noto x Avola (12Km)

As the parking on Noto was s paid one we found a free stop in a city near that was pretty close to the sea. So we moved there for 2 days in the sea. It was particularly hot those days.

Here is the place we stayed in Avola

8— Avola x Zafferana Etnea (105Km)

Know Etna was something that we really wanted, so we started to move toward the Vulcano. We found a free spot in the small city right below the volcano and the next day we went up.

This is the place we stayed in Zafferana Etnea


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